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Top Short Squeeze Candidates

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Below is a table of Stocks with High Short Interest that have recently had a stock rally that could potentially trigger a Short Squeeze. The list dynamically updates so check back for new Short Squeeze Candidates and Look for our Short Squeeze Alerts on StockTwits and Twitter every day.

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Above is a list of Short Squeeze Candidates that will help you attempt to identify and buy stock before a Short Squeeze happens. Short Squeeze Candidates are determined by recent price performance and other supply and demand characteristics that many Short Squeeze Stocks possess before experience a significant price appreciation when short sellers are forced to cover. A short squeeze occurs when there is a lack of supply and an excessive demand for a traded stock. During a short squeeze, investors that have shorted the stock (have acquired short positions by borrowing shares from their broker) are forced to buy in their shares and liquidate their short position. Many times a short squeeze occurs in stocks that have had a recent rally, have a smaller market cap, and a small float.

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Disclaimer??- We post about option data or to point out interesting or large trades. Our posts are non-biased. This is not advice to buy, sell or trade the above security.

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